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OCTUBRE, Purple Month
The Film / The Food / The Music

6.15pm-11.30pm. Friday, 26 October, 2012
Westbourne Grove Church
Westbourne Grove, corner with Ledbury Road, Notting Hill, London W11 2RW

Award Winning Film
Octubre by Daniel and Diego Vega

Featuring: Delicious Peruvian classics and
curiosly strong Pisco cocktails

Live Music by Jarana Criolla

The Food
Causa / Pork and Chicken Tamales Ceviche
Lamb Seco / Pork Sandwich
The Music
In celebration of Peru's Day of Creole Music (Dia de la Cancion Criolla), we will be closing the night with a Performance by the trio criollo:

Jarana Criolla

The Bar
Pisco Sour / Cusquena beer
Wine / Inca Kola
Purple religious paraphernalia
Obscure Peruvian psychedelic and early garage music: Saicos, Traffic Sound, Chicha compilation
The Film
Clemente, a moneylender of few words, is a new hope for Sofía, his single neighbor, devoted to the October worship of Our Lord of the Miracles. They're brought together over a new-born baby, fruit of Clemente's relationship with a prostitute who's nowhere to be found. While Clemente is looking for the girl's mother, Sofía cares for the baby and looks after the moneylender's house. With the arrival of these beings in his life, Clemente has the opportunity to reconsider his emotional relations with people.

"With a visual style and a deadpan humor that owes an obvious debt to the Finnish director Aki Kaurismaki ("Drifting Clouds"), they hold their shots long enough for you to scan details, look deep into faces and think on how little (or much) it takes to be happy."